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4 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool For the Summer!

April 24, 2019

The sun is out, which means pets are out and about, too! Summertime isn’t just perfect for playing fetch at the dog park, though. It also brings plenty of potential dangers that require vigilance and awareness from pet parents.

Here are a few key safety tips to share with customers this season:



1. Keep pets hydrated.

All that fun in the sun can quickly leave pets dehydrated. Ensure animals have access to fresh, clean water at all times, especially when it’s hot or humid outside.



2. Practice pool safety.

You may know how to doggy paddle, but not all pups take to water naturally. Just like children, dogs need to be gradually introduced to swimming and should be left alone around bodies of water. Discourage animals from drinking pool water and always rinse them off after swimming to remove salt or chemicals.



3. Help pets stay cool.

One of the biggest dangers of the summer is heat stress. Pet parents should be on the lookout for signs of overheating, including excessive panting, increased heart rate, drooling, muscle weakness, vomiting and even seizure or collapse.


Heat stroke can be avoided by keeping pets indoors during the hottest parts of the day and ensuring there’s shade while they’re outside.



4. Never leave pets unattended in cars.

Even on mild days, temperatures inside a vehicle can climb quickly, which is dangerous for pets and humans, alike. Hundreds of pets die of heat exhaustion annually from being left in a hot car, so either bring them with you or better yet, leave them at home.