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August 10th is Spoil Your Dog Day!

Here are a few ideas on how to spoil your dog: Give your dog some new treats or dog bones, or make them a special meal. Get your dog some new toys or a new outfit. Buy your dog a new bed. Treat your dog to a trip to a dog spa, where they can be groomed and pampered. Spas often also offer pedicures, massages, and aromatherapy for dogs. Take your dog on an adventure. Take them to a dog park where they can play with other dogs, take them to a beach or lake, take them to doggie daycare or take...

August is National Immunization Awareness Month!

August is National Vaccination Awareness Month, an event designed to raise awareness about the importance of pet immunization. Most pet owners understand the value of timely vaccinations and booster shots to keep their furry companions safe from diseases such as rabies, heartworm, and distemper. However, knowing what vaccines are needed and when to have them administered can be confusing. Here are the most common vaccines that Britt Animal Hospital requires for your pet: Core Vaccines for Dogs:...

Microchipping Your Pet:

Why is microchipping pets so important? Microchipping greatly increases the chance your pet will be found if he gets lost. Unlike collars with tags, microchips can’t fall off, break, or be removed, so they’re a permanent form of identification. And they usually last a lifetime. What is a pet microchip? A pet microchip is a small electronic device, about the size of a grain of rice. It’s inserted under the loose skin between your pet’s shoulder blades, a process that is quick and painl...

4 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool For the Summer!

The sun is out, which means pets are out and about, too! Summertime isn’t just perfect for playing fetch at the dog park, though. It also brings plenty of potential dangers that require vigilance and awareness from pet parents. Here are a few key safety tips to share with customers this season: 1. Keep pets hydrated. All that fun in the sun can quickly leave pets dehydrated. Ensure animals have access to fresh, clean water at all times, especially when it’s hot or humid outside....